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The world’s most comprehensive accident reconstruction software

The 2016 REC-TEC upgrade is a powerful new software tool, possibly the most spectacular advancement in accident reconstruction in decades.
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R E C - T E C

The world’s most comprehensive accident reconstruction software program includes

Integrated Monte Carlo (Range) and Finite Difference (Error) Analysis


SMAC-RT  (Calspan SMAC with upgrades) * Drive3 * Time/Distance * Acceleration-Deceleration Factor * Acceleration * Deceleration (Swerve Comparison Option) * Multiple Surfaces (10) * Multiple Events (99) * Multiple Vehicles (2) * Motion Analysis (99 Phases) * Electronic Data Module (99) * V-TRAX (4-Vehicle) Animation * Collision Avoidance:  * Analysis, * Braking, * Passing, * Turning, Separation Distance and * Following * Angular Momentum * 360 Digital Momentum * 360 Linear Momentum: * Fragmented (4 for each vehicle) Vehicles * Spinout Trajectories * Vector Sum Analysis * Energy-Momentum Analysis * 360LM-PDOF Lite * Vector Momentum * Vector (EDR-Momentum) Integration * Vectors - EDR (360 & Inline Momentum * 2-Vehicle Crush5/Crash3 Damage Analysis with Balance of Forces computations – 20 (non-) equidistant "C" measurements – up to 3 Non-Linear zones per damage element, Pre and Post Impact Speeds of both vehicles using Crash3 Damage Analysis & Vector Integration * Stiffness Coefficients * Energy: * Break Fracture * Conservation * Reduced Mass * Kinetic * Fall/Vault * Optimum Angle * 3 Points on Arc * Pedestrian Vault * Vault-Slide Integration (minimum speed for throw distance) * Yaw/Critical Speed * Motorcycle Lean Angle * 2D Photogrammetry * AASHTO (RR) Sight Triangle * Rotation Factor * Speed from RPM * Weight Shift (3 Axis) * Triangle Solver * Quadratic Solver * Commercial Vehicles * S-CAM V Air/Air Disc Brake (48 Brakes) with automatic ABS and Matrix adjustments during the run * Rollover (Static & Dynamic) * Maximum Off Tracking * Weight & Balance * LoadCheck A & B (weight based on load for T/Trailer or Straight Truck/Bus) * Animation * Simulation * Graphics * Sensitivity Tables * Saves and Loads files * Imperial and/or Metric * Right or Left hand Coordinate Systems * Selectable Decimal Precision * Selectable word processors, CAD/drawing programs and Internet browsers * Free Web-based Integrated Training Manual and Tutorial (Inside REC-TEC) covering all aspects of the program * Built in Help Files  * Internet links to Government and Commercial sites * Free AutoStats Lite, Canadian Vehicle Specs plus Sisters & Clones * Free phone, email support, and program upgrades * Optimized for Windows (all versions). Seamless integration with Word/WordPad or Adobe Acrobat (PDF writer) for creating reports!

CDR data can be used to compute pre and post impact speeds using Vector (EDR-Momentum) sending that data to 360 LM for further analysis. The 360 LM  information can be sent directly to SMAC (Simulation) by clicking on a few buttons. 

The Time-Distance EDM module will use EDM or CDR speed information to analyze the data and plot the deceleration curves for the vehicles unavailable in any other program.

** REC-TEC When Performance Counts **  

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Internet Documentation (Translation Accelerators)
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Click here for Inside REC-TEC - Training Manual & Tutorial (F5-Key*)

Click here for REC-TEC Startup Guide (Downloading through Main Screen functions)

Click here for Getting Started with REC-TEC (Printing and Running a Problem)

Glimpse the power of REC-TEC Platinum  

Crush5 with Vector Integration computing the pre-impact and post-impact speeds of both vehicles

Crush 5 - Vehicle 1

Crush 5 - Vehicle 2

Crush Crush5 - Maximum Engagement

Crush 5 (1-click) data transfer to 360 Linear Momentum

360 Linear Momentum Graphics (Plane of Impact)

360 Linear Momentum (1-click) data transfer to Vectors (EDR-Momentum) with Formulae displayed

Easy (1-click) transfer of both input and computed data from one module to another is a hallmark of REC-TEC Platinum.  It not only serves to verify the computations using completely different methodologies, it generates additional data resulting in a more comprehensive picture of the event in question.

Maximum Off-Tracking

Vectors (EDR - Momentum)

Vectors - (Inline Momentum)

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