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Pro/Platinum Licenses 
with SMAC-RT, Crash3, Drive3, Heavy Truck, and Collision Avoidance modules

Platinum Option Upgrade provides extra cutting-edge features including Monte Carlo Analysis, Finite Difference Analysis, Angular Momentum, Pole/Narrow Object Impact, Vault-Slide Integration and much more. 
Click to view Features of REC-TEC PRO/Platinum

All of our current Pro/Platinum Licenses allow Unlimited Installations of the program to be placed on all computers and USB flash drives owned by, or under the sole control of the Licensee.  The Licensee may have as many programs running simultaneously as desired.  Law Enforcement Agencies may allow officers to have take home copies for training or agency business.  Licensees with Individual Licenses are the only authorized users of their Licensed programs.

Platinum for a Year

REC-TEC Platinum Computers/USB drives



Unlimited Install
Unlimited  $500
Unlimited Install (Site)
Unlimited  $750
Unlimited Install
(Police & Sheriff)**
Unlimited  $1000

Unlimited Install
(State Police / Highway Patrol / DPS)**
Unlimited  $2000

License expires one year after date of purchase. This License does not support Platinum Option Renewal Fees, but normal posted upgrades are supported.   

Pro/Platinum Licenses

REC-TEC PRO/Platinum
  (Includes 1 year of Platinum Option)
Computers/USB drives



Unlimited Install
Unlimited (Platinum 1-year Free) $3000


Unlimited Install (Site)
Unlimited (Platinum 1-year Free) $4500

Unlimited Install (Site)
(Police & Sheriff)**
Unlimited (Platinum 1-year Free) $6500

Unlimited Install
Unlimited (Lifetime Platinum) $5000

Unlimited Install (Site)
Unlimited (Lifetime Platinum) $7500

Unlimited Install (Site)
(Police & Sheriff)
Unlimited (Lifetime Platinum) $10,000

Highway Patrol, State Police, DPS or equivalent State Agency

Unlimited (Agency)
Price b
ased on fatality accident rate
Price on Request
(See Special Projects)
Statewide Law Enforcement Unlimited (Statewide)
Price based on fatality accident rate
Price on Request
(See Special Projects)

**If the Platinum Option expires the program automatically becomes REC-TEC Pro.  A Platinum Upgrade renewal or purchase of Lifetime Platinum fully restores all Platinum features.

Platinum Upgrade - Optional* Renewal Fees

REC-TEC Platinum Upgrade

 Price Purchase

REC-TEC Platinum Upgrade (Individual)
Unlimited Install Site License*) 

$300 per year

REC-TEC Platinum Upgrade (Business)
(Unlimited Install Site License*) 
$400 per year*

REC-TEC Platinum Upgrade (U.S. Police/Sheriff agencies*)
Unlimited Install Site License*) 
$500 per year*

Lifetime Platinum Upgrade 
(Unlimited Install - Individual)
Lifetime Platinum Upgrade 
(Unlimited Install - Business/Police/Sheriff)
Lifetime / Yearly Platinum Upgrade 
(Unlimited Install - State Agency - HP/SP/DPS)
Call Call

*The Platinum Upgrade is not required to run REC-TEC unless otherwise noted.  If the Platinum Upgrade is not renewed after the first (free) year, REC-TEC Platinum will  automatically become REC-TEC Pro.  The Features page shows the difference between the two programs.

*Police and Sheriff agencies outside of U.S. must contact us for yearly upgrade pricing.   

If you are not sure of which fee applies to your particular License,  please email us or call to avoid purchasing the wrong one.  If your License name is a Business, you have a Commercial License.  If you send a payment for an Individual License, you will be purchasing 9 months of the Platinum Upgrade instead of a year.

All older Single Installation Licenses (including USB Licenses) are automatically upgraded to Unlimited Installation Licenses as long as the Platinum Option is current.  If the Platinum Option is current, the program can be installed and run on any (and all) computers controlled by the licensee, even if the original installation is lost or destroyed.

If you are not sure which license you need, please email or call 321-271-6459(M) and we will assist you in the selection.

Important Note:  If you do not receive a purchased file, or have not been contacted by us within 48 hours of your purchase, email and or call (321-271-6459) until you make contact.  We will no longer make repeated attempts to confirm delivery of files.

REC-TEC offers online training and assistance through Inside REC-TEC, our web-based Manual and Tutorial, the primary course material and documentation for every REC-TEC course. For additional training see Classes


*REC-TEC Platinum Upgrade - This optional plan will enable you to access REC-TEC Platinum, a unique program using a radically new programming concept that allows for future expandability.  REC-TEC Platinum is a leased upgrade to the standard REC-TEC Pro program.  The Platinum upgrade automatically upgrades all Single licenses to Unlimited Install Platinum as long as the Platinum Upgrade remains current.   

Click to view Features of the Pro/ Platinum versions

All licenses include lifetime upgrades to enhance program features.



This license permits unrestricted installation of the program on any or all computers and USB drives (Site licenses for small businesses).  This license also permits law enforcement personnel (Site is departments county/city) using the program in the normal course of duty to place a copy of the program on their personal computers with the understanding that "for hire" work using this copy is prohibited.



State Law Enforcement agency (State Police, Highway Patrol or DPS) unlimited licenses permits the state agency to install the program on any or all of their computers and USB drives.

This license also permits those using the program in the normal course of business to place a copy of the program on their personal computers with the understanding that "for hire" work using this copy is prohibited.

Federal Agencies are considered on an individual basis.  Please call to discuss your needs.



REC-TEC Platinum is the finest and most complete point mass physics and mathematics software available. It is used by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), State Police and Highway Patrol agencies, local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, investigators, physicists, and engineers worldwide. It provides an in-depth analysis of the information used in forming the opinions that become the basis for the underlying mathematical data employed in creating the 2D/3D animations.

REC-TEC Platinum offers assistance, and supplemental training through immediate web-based module-sensitive access to Inside REC-TEC, a manual and tutorial covering the entire program. Exemplar problems are shown for every module with screen captures of the entries and the solutions. The software has built-in, module-sensitive Help files for each module. Several third-party papers are included, which examine and help explain more complex modules.

The statewide use of REC-TEC Platinum for crash analysis would: 1) reduce overall cost with standardized training; 2) assist with the shortage of personnel that some departments are experiencing; 3) help in creating a statewide system that consolidates the police traffic function into a standard operating procedure encouraging police agencies to assist one another in the investigation and reconstruction of traffic crashes and other major incidents.

A statewide, unlimited-installation REC-TEC Platinum License permits each covered law enforcement agency within the state to install the REC-TEC Platinum program on any and all computers and USB drives under their control. It also permits each of their commissioned personnel to place the program on their personal computers and USB flash drives, with the understanding that it is for agency business or training and not to be used on "for Hire" reconstructions. The statewide license covers all state and local law enforcement agencies, state and local prosecutors, and any state or local agency able to benefit from such a license.

REC-TEC LLC is capable of delivering individually licensed programs with unique passwords for each law enforcement entity in the state. The individual passwords for each agency can be emailed to the project administrator within hours of receipt of an email list of the agencies.

We look forward to demonstrating to you how the power and flexibility of REC-TEC Platinum software will dramatically enhance the ability of law enforcement to efficiently and effectively handle traffic related incidents statewide. Please contact us through any of the contact information listed below.

P.O. Box 561031
Rockledge FL 32956-1031 USA

Website: http://www.rec-tec.com
rec-tec@rec-tec.com or rec_tec@bellsouth.net
Mobile: 321-271-6459



Please contact us about prices for licenses that will meet your specific needs.



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